Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"The Dungeon Office"

I got home from work tonight and I said to myself, 'self, no wonder you can't finish your cookbook, look at the mess you have been living in.' So I decided to tear apart the dungeon office.  I definitely have not been organized!  So I am really embarrassed to say that I took 2 before and 3 after pics.  At least I am  organized now!  Only so much you can do in a 6x6 space!

Did I do OK?  I have a hard time keeping my fav cookbook mags away from the desk. 
Let me know what I can do better here!

Looking for something to put the mags in.  I bought the top basket thinking they would fit and they won't!

This is sooo bad that the calendar on the wall said APRIL!

after. and i bought a new lamp!
New lamp on top of some cookbooks. 
It is a little short, but better than the
clunker that I had before!

And of course,

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