Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mexican Thursdays

Looking for something different? This is another ez make a head dish. You can make it tonight and serve it tomorrow! Just remember to take it out of the fridge for at least an hour before baking it! I like to top it with hot sauce, shredded lettuce, olives, peppers, cheese and sour cream!!! MMM!!!! YUM-ME!

Taco pie

1 ¼ pound of ground beef

1 pkg. Taco seasoning

½ c. water

1/3 c. sliced olives

1 –8oz. can crescent rolls

2 c. Fritos or Doritos

1 c. sour cream

1 c. shredded cheddar

Brown Meat and drain. Add taco seasoning mix and add water and olives. Simmer 5 min. Separate crescent rolls and press over bottom of sides of 8” or 10” pie plate to form tight seal on crust. Sprinkle corn chips, crushed on bottom. Spoon meat on top. Cover with sour cream then cheese and then top with remaining chips. Bake at 375* 20- 25 min.

Appetizer Wednesdays

Happy hump day!!!! And Leap year all rolled into one!!! Well this dip recipe came from my sister, and she got it from a friend. Everyone loves this dip. And it is sooo ez!!!

I love to serve this with Garlic Triscuits!

So Yum-me!

Nieman Marcus Party cheese spread

1 ¼ c. Mayo, not salad dressing

3-4 T. Real bacon bits

½ c. green onion, chopped

½ c.-slivered almonds, toasted 6 min.

1 c. shredded cheddar

Mix and Chill.