Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!!

This is a new year of new organization, new blogging, new health and new MANGIA!~

First I will talk about ORGANIZATION~

I have spent days on the DUNGEON OFFICE. I think I have it set up how I want it now. It seems like that I have to keep up with organization. I cannot stand piles of cook books and papers. Clutter clutter clutter.. I also really organized my baking supplies. I bought some of those tubs and now everything is separated by holiday!! That has helped a lot of space issues!

Secondly, I will talk about New HEALTH~

It is a new year and everyone always starts the new year with a resolution. Mine is always the same thing. I would love to lose weight. Everyone is different. Some peeps can do a lo-fat diet. Some can do just reducing less snacking. And some have to watch carbs. I fall into the carb spot. You probably wouldn't believe it if I told you all the delicious things that I make I really do not eat. I have my family be the taste testers. My downfall is bread, pasta and potatoes. And by potatoes I mean in any form baked, mashed or chipped. And it makes it really hard to not have pasta and bread when you are doing this 'new form of eating'. So what do I do, well first of all you have to make a plan. My plan is to go to Easter and see what is happening. Last year I lasted 4 months. Next what is it going to consist of? Well when you go to the doc they tell you that your plate should be half greens, 1/4 lean protein and 1/4 starch. So I thought I am going to have whatever GOD made us. So Fruit, veggies, meat and potatoes. And by potatoes, he didn't make the chipped kind so it counts those out!~ And no POP, what am I going to do??? Well no regular pop. I love regular COKE>>> I asked my dad where he was going today he said 7-11! I said get me a diet coke!!!! He is a good dad he brought me 2~ I love him so much!! He is the best!! What else can I have besides water? POWEADE ZERO! This is the best thing that Coke has ever invented! Contains the right about of electrolytes to replenish your system and yes, it has no CARBS!!! It comes in lots of yummy flavors, my fav is Grape Zero!

If anyone is interested in the plan, send me a message and I will share with you via e-mail.~

New Blogging~ and New Mangia!~

Well I have been wanting to do this for a long time but it seemed that I was working so much and then baking so much I didn't have time for the blog. Well I have it on the resolution list. Starting today we are doing a new blog with recipes and pics.!!! Maybe someday I will finish my COOKBOOK!~
So the new week will begin on Sundays. Sundays should be the day that you set your plan for the week and I will have some make a head meals to help you plan as well. Looking into some healthy desserts too. I will still have my holiday boxes too for those that want to give as gifts or enjoy eating it yourself.

You will notice I have a new background and header for my blog!!! Trying to stay up with the times!!!!

So Now the new Mangia!~ begins

Magnificent Mondays- This will be my favorites recipes from my favorite dinners
Soupy and/ or salad Tuesdays.- Soups, chowders and chilis or some amazing salad recipes
Wacky Wednesday.- Left overs from Sundays.... what if you didn't have any left overs? then this is what we call a pick me up. It is a PBJ day or Wendys or you are on your own! So I will post wonderful appetizer recipes this day!!!
Taco Thursdays- Mexican flare recipes
Holy Cow it is Friday, Thank goodness~!--- Pizza night.
Saturday...we do not cook on Saturdays... What should you do?? well you should have some left overs or take the time to take your loved one to dinner. I don't want to hear about no money issue either. There are lots of great deals and out there and you do not have to eat at the most expensive place ether. For the most part this is dinner at Wendy's after church! So I will make this the something sweet day!!! Desserts, cakes or cookies!!!
Sunday home cooked dinners---YUMish! --

Happy New Year~!

Mangia sano! ( eat healthy)


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