Saturday, June 12, 2010

Busy week followed by a busy weekend!

Well we went to dinner tonight with the Brand's from Colorado, Battle Creek, and the McDonnell/Lutenski's tonight and then I hit the hay.  So now it is  2 AM and I am wide awake.  So I decided I would tell you about this weekend.  Busy Busy....

I told my brother that is town that he needed to go to the store with me tomorrow so I can get my dad a weedwacker.  Any suggestions on what to get?  I have to get up or I will just stay up and go to the store and get some strawberries  to make for today.  I have to keep trying in order to master them correct?  Then I am making some Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecakes~!

Dinner Sat Pm with Al and Sus and hopefully Jon and Dawn.  what  are the Brandi's serving?  What else?  Spaghetti!

I will post pics!

And I cannot forget that Sunday is my nephew Steve's big day.  Graduation Party~!  yeah!

So everyone have a wonderful weekend and of course,


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